Circular Economy Collage

Join us to discover the Circular Economy Collage, a fun and educational workshop using collective intelligence to explain the issues surrounding our use of natural resources.

The Circular Economy Collage will give you a clearer understanding of the issues related to our use of natural resources and to the waste we generate.

Which resources do we consume the most and which are most under pressure? What impacts do our consumption and waste generation have on those resources and on the planet in general?

How can I contribute to reducing those impacts in my daily life? How can companies evolve their business models?

To discover the answers to these and many other questions, come and take part in a workshop of the Circular Economy Collage. The workshop covers topics such as climate change, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity and pollution generated by human activities and enables you to identify concrete courses of action!

About the workshop
The Circular Economy Collage is a stimulating, group-based workshop founded on scientific information, which enables participants to grasp the limits of our existing global “linear” economy and understand the opportunities offered by the circular economy. Inspired by the Climate Fresk, the workshop will allow you to understand the issues surrounding our use of natural resources and our generation and treatment of waste as well as other impacts caused by human activities. The online workshop lasts 3 hours and takes place in groups of 6/7 people with 1 facilitator.

Our workshops are aimed at the general public, and are open to all, whatever your level of knowledge on these subjects. The Collage is also relevant for other audiences such as companies, communities and schools. For our public workshops, participation is limited to 1 participant per organisation. If several members of your organisation wish to take part, please contact us to organise a dedicated session.

Benefits of the workshop
Having deepened your understanding of the limits of the linear production-consumption-waste system, you will discover a more virtuous model for our economy and lots of ways that each of us can save natural resources and produce less waste. You will leave the workshop more aware, better-informed and motivated to take action to "circularise" our system!

This workshop is organized by One Planet Friends. It will be facilitated by Jérôme Lucaes and Marie Buy, trained facilitators volunteering for this event. A ticket price is requested to contribute to room costs, advertising and train tickets for facilitators coming from afar.


Wo: WWF Schweiz, Hohlstrasse 110, 8004 Zürich Route anzeigen

Kosten: CHF 15.00 - normal price, CHF 7.00 - reduced price

Kontakt Ansprechpartner: Fresques Zamies & Co

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06.06.2024: h - h

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