Join Watt Ed's PowerPlay collective game and workshop to learn about managing energy transition and meeting climate goals in Switzerland, considering constraints and population needs. Manage the energy transition yourself! How can we do without fossil fuels? How does Switzerland produce its own electricity? How and how much can we produce over the next few decades to meet public demand while limiting the effects of climate change? PowerPlay is a fun workshop created by WattEd (https://watted.ch/) that gives you an original way of understanding these complex issues. Around a table, players invest in the means of production of their choice and decide whether or not to implement efficiency and sobriety measures. These choices have to be made while respecting technical and financial constraints and the needs of the population. The players must work together to achieve their common goal: compliance with the Paris agreements! Although simplified, the concepts and figures used are based on the latest benchmark studies and the actual energy situation in Switzerland. Once the game is over, there is a space where you can ask questions, sharpen your critical thinking in the face of misinformation, consolidate your knowledge and share your feelings with other participants, under the facilitation of a moderator. This workshop is organized by One Planet Friends (http://oneplanetfriends.org/). It will be facilitated by Jérôme Castella, co-author of this workshop who is volunteering for this event. A ticket price is requested to contribute to room costs, advertising and train tickets for facilitators coming from afar. The game and materials will be in English. CHF 15.00 - normal price CHF 7.00 - reduced price

Webseite: oneplanetfriends.org

Wo: WWF Schweiz, Hohlstrasse 110, 8004 Zürich Route anzeigen

Kosten: CHF 15.00 - normal price, CHF 7.00 - reduced price

Kontakt Ansprechpartner: Fresques Zamies & Co

14.03.2024: h - h

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