Online talk: 30 Days of Wearing Trash by Rob Green

How would you feel if you would have to wear your own trash for 30 days? Rob Greenfield lived just like that and wore every piece of trash he created.

The average Swiss creates the same amount of trash per day as the average American: 2 kilos! But many of us never think twice about it. We simply throw it away and the convenient system takes it from there. But what if there is no “away”? What if the landfill is just organized littering and recycling isn’t what we hoped?
ZeroWaste Switzerland has the opportunity to host this inspiring talk about his journey through positive change for years to come.


Wo: Virtuell (Schweiz), 0000 Schweiz Route anzeigen

Kosten: 10 fr. / 5 fr. (Student / Mitglied)

Kontakt Ansprechpartner: ZeroWaste Switzerland

30.06.2020: h - h

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