Conference about « Zero Waste & Circular Economy

Event organised by Impact Hub Zurich, with the intervention of ZeroWaste Switzerland.

Waste, the end result of our linear economy – the mix of plastic, paper, food waste, and all other similar things that accumulate on a daily basis and which need a lot of resources to be produced and removed from our system – receives growing attention in the context of striving for a sustainable future.

Some decades ago, the revolutionary technology called “plastic” appeared on the market, with the promise to solve all our problems – hygienical, logistical, economical, etc. From there on, it started to spread to a point where today, it seems inevitable to use it.

Slowly, people are starting to realize which effects our frenetic use of plastic has on the ecosystem, e.g. pollution of soil and ocean or the CO2 emissions from waste incineration – just to name a few.

Still, plastic is everywhere.

The Zero Waste movement is addressing these issues and demonstrates that it is possible to live differently. A growing number of people are gathering around this movement and are joining forces to counter the massive amounts of waste our economical system produces, thereby leading the way towards a sustainable transition.

This movement addresses not only the plastic waste issue, but aims to redefine the way we consume and live.

- What is Zero Waste exactly about?
- What are the limits of such a movement?
- What are the goals and the challenges?
- How does it contribute to the Circular Economy Transition?

These are questions we want to discuss together with our guests. In addition, we will provide some first glimpses into living a Zero Waste life through a hands-on DIY workshop.

18:00 Welcome & Warmup
18:25 Inspiration « A Zero Waste Circular Economy » – Laurène Descamps, CET
18:30 UN Report on Single Use Plastics – Issues around plastic use & regulation – Andrea Wehrli, Co-Founder of Chez Mamie Zürich
18:40 Input « Zero Waste Movement » – Michelle Sandmeier, Vizepräsidentin of ZeroWaste Switzerland
18:50 Panel discussion around the « Challenges & goals of adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle »
19:00 Break
19:15 DIY Workshop – Make your own product – Gabriele Kull, Founder of® & STOPPP

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20.02.2019: h - h

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