Workshop: Have a sustainable Christmas, Basel

Christmas is fast approaching! This year, how can we celebrate a sustainable Christmas while caring for our planet? Join us at the lovely Cafe Con Letras for the Zero Waste Basel Christmas Event! In this fun and relaxed workshop we will discuss ways to reduce waste, how to give sustainably and make some ‘do it yourself’ gifts to take away. Bring your ideas, best tips and experiences to share with the group.

Workshop stations:

- Voucher-making

- Upcycling glass jars for gift containers

- Body scrub making

- Paper folding and origami – making stars

- White board of ideas

- Your own station: bring your idea and some material to share your crafty idea with others

What to bring:

- Recycled glass jars to upcycle

- Any materials you think would be useful like recycled paper, ribbons, string etc,

- Your own DIY / sustainable Christmas ideas to share with the group

- Containers for the body scrub we will make (small or medium glass jars)

Spaces are limited so please register below

Cost: price of a beverage from the cafe and donation box

(Der Workshop ist auf Englisch / The workshop is in English)


Wo: Café con Letras, Rheingasse 69, 4058 Basel Route anzeigen

Kosten: price of a beverage from the cafe and donation box

12.12.2018: h - h

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